Sometimes there are items in the photo that you would like to have covered. This could be anything from an unwanted architectural feature to the Elvis painting on velvet on the wall.


Thus as a way to rejuvenate the surfaces and refresh the scene, you can use our cleaning feature.


How to use cleaning in the roOomy app:


1. Open a scene

2.  Tap on Decorate to modify the scene

3. Go in the top right corner and tap on ‘…’

4. Select from the drop down menu ‘cleaning’

5.  Select the area with Make Selection

6.  Unselect areas with Trim Selection

7.  Once you are happy with the cleaning done, press Done Cleaning


The features:


Cleaning menu

Cleaning menu

Make Selection

o You can select an area for cleaning. You can have multiple selections active at the same time.

Trim Selection

o You can avoid cleaning areas. This causes the area you selected with make selection to shrink.


Action menu

Action menu


 Original Image

o Revert image back to its original state. This option will always be available in case you want to revert the image to the pre-cleaned state.


o Undo a change with the make or trim selection options


o Redo a change with the make or trim selection options

Done Cleaning

o Once you are satisfied with the cleaning done, just press Done.


If you dislike the changes made with cleaning, you can always go back to Cleaning and then select use ‘Original Image’ to remove all changes.


Note: Cleaning is only available on the iPad app.