Sometimes you would like to see what the scene would look like with a new type of floor. These can be from funkalicious floor carpets to elegant hardwood floors.


You can change the flooring in the following way:

1. Open a scene

2.  Tap on Decorate to modify the scene

3.  Tap on Add product

4. Go to Flooring

5. Select from the different options:

a. Carpet

b. Laminate

c. Vinyl

d. Wooden

6. Select the material you want to see as the flooring

7.  Select the flooring to use the options to move, turn or delete material


The flooring menu

Flooring menu

Move material

o You can move the pattern along the floor


Turn material

o You can rotate the pattern along the floor



o You can remove the material to reveal the floor below.



Note: Changing room textures is only available on the iPad app